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This breast cancer awareness month we created and are dedicating this candle to a very special woman. Debby has faced challenge after challenge in her battle against cancer.

Debby takes care of people with disabilities and teaches them lifelong skills while also tending to her own family. Her family told me that she has a lot of people depending on her and they want her to feel like she can just relax for once, and let someone take care of her in this time. This is her 3rd battle with breast cancer and after almost losing her life earlier this year from an infection in her spine, sheโ€™s still managed to recover. Her story exemplifies to me and all who she inspires what it means to be resilient.

With purchase of this candle a portion goes to Debby and her family. Debbyโ€™s journey is far from over and with your support we can show her she is not alone in this battle and encourage her to keep fighting.


Please visit their go fund me to learn more about Debby and her story :

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